About Barbara

At Sakota Homeopathy, I believe in individualized health care. Trained by Dr. Andrew Cooks of Johannesburg, South Africa, a graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy (HD), currently working on my PHD on Autism and ADD. I selected the path of Alternative Therapies, after hitting a brick wall treating my son with conventional medicine, my son was suffering with extreme allergies, the medical world recommended steroid for the rest of of his life, on my quest for more, I discovered Homeopathy.

Homeopathy, put simply, is a way of treating illness which uses the body's own abilities to make itself well based on likes cure likes. With one dose of Allium Cepa, which is Latin for Red Onion, my son allergies were cured! A onion will trigger allergies and runny eyes, in a homeopathic formula, it cures runny eyes, likes treat likes, the definition of Homeopathy! I have often said my son, has been my guiding light, the urge for steroids has never been required! My path was clear, I became a Homeopath, Welcome to my Journey of Health.

Barbara Sakota

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My Personal View On Homeopathy

I see Homeopathy as a pathway to life, the means to open a door which might be closed. I have heard this from my clients over and over again, as well as my own personal experience with Homeopathy. For an example, Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia can be triggered by a virus like Epstein Barr, the body can be so overwhelmed by trying to keep this virus under control or at bay, you just can't move forward with life, always tired, no energy etc. So dosing with the remedy Epstein Barr, remember the meaning of Homeopathy, likes treat likes, can lift the virus out of body, by attaching to it like Velcro on a tennis ball and gently remove the virus out of the body, calming down the immune system, bringing peace to the body, physically, mentally and emotionally. Homeopathy seeks to re-establish both balance and harmony to an individuals health!

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My Background In Homeoapthy

Barbara has a well rounded background, not only in the healing arts but also in business and marketing.  After completing a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from San Diego State University, Barbara held various positions of Marketing Manager, General Manager, Catering Manager, and Human Resource Manager for several major wholesale food businesses. Barbara concurrently received her Diploma in Homeopathy at The British Institute of Homeopathy.  She went further with her studies to attain an Advanced Practitioner Certification in Case Taking and Reportorisation, Master Degree.  Barbara also became certified in a variety of vitamin and supplement companies and is currently pursuing her PHD in Homeopathy today.