Everyone knows that a great healer is one who listens, educates, guides, and sincerely cares about your well-being. 

The following testimonials will give you a glimpse of what a gift it is to work with Barbara Sakota!

Here are a few testimonials that Barbara has recieved.

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I started to see Barbara Sakota half way through a year of chemotherapy.  I was referred to her by a friend. I came to her to help support my body through her knowledge of diet and supplements.  Barbara is not only infectious, she is extremely knowledgeable and has such passion for her work.  I loved how Barbara educated me on blood types, diet, and total body awareness.  I found eating for my blood type alarmingly accurate.  

Her reflexology was spot on when she worked on my body.  I found her work fascinating, immensely helpful and supportive, physically and emotionally.  One specific issue I have to share was constipation from all the chemo drugs I did.  I was in much discomfort in regards to this aspect of my treatment.  My oncologist prescribed an army of prescribed drugs in addition to many over the counter brands to help relieve this specific issue.  I tried them all......NOTHING worked!  Barbara recommended 2 simple food based products and this discomfort forever changed!  To this day when I travel or know my food intake is off I still use these items to compliment my diet.  I have recommended Barbara to numerous people and will continue to do so.


Del Mar, CA

I have been seeing Barbara Sakota for many years now.  She has been instrumental in my over all health and well being.  Barbara is a very capable person with extensive holistic education and experience. Her bright cheery presence is always welcoming and warm. Sometimes I don’t want to leave when our session is over.  I continue to see Barbara on a regular basis for maintenance and preventive care. Without hesitation I have and will continue to send her referrals.  Thank you so much Barbara for all the kind care, education and healing touch you have given me all these years. You are the best!


Kim Boegly

San Diego, CA

  I am writing this testimonial for the homeopathic care I received from my sister, Barbara Sakota.  I was having what I thought was indigestion pains for a while, when one day at my school, (I'm a teacher) I had the most excruciating pain I have ever felt.  When I got to the hospital, we discovered it was the gall bladder, and that it had to come out. 

     After the surgery, I came to San Diego to convalesce at my sister's home.  Now her being a homeopathic doctor, I knew I was going to get good care and advice.  I ate only organic foods, used only organic soaps and lotions on my healing body, and slept most of the days away to regain my strength.  Along with that, I was put on a regimen of homeopathic remedies, supplements, vitamins and detox diets, to rid myself of the hospital drugs that were in my body, and to build up my strength.  Within two days, I had walked down to the pool, and on the third day I went grocery shopping by myself.  After a week, I returned for a follow up appointment with my doctor, and I got a clean bill of health, with no need to return to see him.

    I believe my recovery was due to the medical advice I received from my sister, and her wonderful care.  I'm not saying this only because she is my sister, but I believe she's the best in her field.


Nancy Glenn

Redlands, CA

There are not enough words to express the gratitude that I feel for the guidance that you have provided me.  I've been meaning to write to you to summarize where I've started and where I am today, only a little over a month after starting my consultation with you.  Tonight seems like the perfect night to express my sincere thanks.  Please feel free to use my testimonial below however you feel fit.  I mean every word. 

Barbara is brilliant...I totally trust her approach.  Barbara worked to stabilize my body.  During my first session, she so painstakingly reviewed all my dozens of supplements and made such logical adjustments, using nutrition to bring me back into balance and focusing on just those supplements that would best suit my blood type.  I love the way she is so conscientious about not having me waste anything that I purchased prior.  She finds a way to make it work and it's saved me a ton of money!
Right away, I could feel that the carbohydrate cravings that had held me hostage for so long, just literally diminish. 

It's been less than two weeks since I started with Barbara and I am well on my way to strengthening my body, mind and spirit.  I know that there is much work to do and I'm looking forward to the journey. 

I could go on and on...

You are uniquely gifted, intuitive, caring and I feel blessed to have finally found (someone) that can move me out of darkness and back into the light. 


Anita K.

Eninitas, CA